Meet the Professor

A free college fair for violinist
Hosted by Dr. Pasha Sabouri, author of Upbeat.

Hear from world-class professors on what to expect in their studio, best practices for virtual auditions, advice on music careers, and much more!

Guest professors include Naoko Tanaka, Won-Bin Yim, Robert McDuffie, Paul Kantor, Jinjoo Cho, Danielle Belen, Simon James, Sibbi Bernhardson, Alexander Kerr, Stephen Miahky, Vadim Gluzman, and Brian Lewis.

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A virtual event on October 10, 2020









I hate to see you go, but I love the future that's waiting for you!

Every year I watch the seniors in my studio graduate and head off for college. It's a bitter-sweet time - we've spent years working together and getting to know one another, but their departure means that all the hard work has paid off. 

This year, in the midst of a pandemic, things are a little different. Lessons, auditions, and the college experience is all different. To help my students, I wanted to ask college violin professors how I can best prepare my students as we all face these challenges. 

I'm inviting you to join me as I get the inside information from professors from 12 universities and conservatories from across the country on how to best prepare for college auditions in 2020. 

This is a free event happening on October 10, 2020. It's free, but you have to register to attend - so find a registration form on this page and I'll see you there!

Meet These Brilliant Professors!

I brought together a group of world-class professors to share with you what it takes to have a successful audition in 2020. 

Naoko Tanaka

The Juilliard School

Won-Bin Yim

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Robert McDuffie

McDuffie Center for Strings / Mercer University

Paul Kantor

Rice University

JinJoo Cho

McGill University

Danielle Belen

University of Michigan

Simon James

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Sibbi Bernhardson

Oberlin College & Conservatory

Alexander Kerr

Indiana University

Stephen Miahky

Vanderbilt University

Vadim Gluzman

Peabody Institute

Brian Lewis

University of Texas at Austin

The Event Is FREE - but you must REGISTER to attend!

October 10, 2020

Need a Step-by-Step Guide to Navigate the College Process?

I wrote a book about that! Upbeat is a practical guide for helping students and parents navigate the college process for majoring in music. 

My parents were amazing and supportive of my dreams - but none of us knew anything about navigating the music school process. This is the book I wish we had when I was going through the college audition process. 


“Head in the clouds? Feet on the ground? Why not contemplate both? This is exactly what Pasha Sabouri advocates compellingly in this highly readable book. From his vantage point as a successful educator, performer and entrepreneur, and his interactions with hundreds of aspiring artists, Dr. Sabouri encourages the thought process that will lead to both a fulfilling life in the arts and a successful career. Full of optimism and practical advice, this should be required reading for every young person choosing this path.”
- Paul Kantor, Rice University

“Violinist Pasha Sabouri is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful and caring teachers I have ever met. It has been a privilege to witness the transformations and the impact he has made for his students. To be near his passion and energy is an emotionally and intellectually moving experience, and I hope all the readers can feel Pasha’s positive presence that provokes, challenges, and changes the way we think about careers in music.”
- Jinjoo Cho, McGill University

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